The article explores A. Sokurov’s Russian Ark and A. Popogrebskii’s How I Ended This Summer as cinegames, i.e. examples of hybridization of media—film and computer gaming—and associated narrative styles, forms of presentation and identity construction. How I Ended This Summer is a psychological thriller and Russian Ark is an experimental film that explores Russian imperial history. The two films share an interest in Russian and Soviet modernity both in its artistic and technological manifestations, and they utilise digital technology in order to explore new types of subjectivity emerging as a result of the imperial collapse. The analysis of the films focuses on a specific sensibility of the subject in the digital era revealed in the nuances of the temporal organisation of the cinegames. The article examines how film as a form of art responds to new forms of visuality available to the filmmaker both at the level of representation as well as a modular form of discourse, and what affects it has on the temporal composition of the films.

Language of contribution: English

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