Issue 21. Digital Selves: Embodiment and Subjectivity in New Media Cultures in Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Issue 20. Ten Years of Digital Icons: Theorizing Foundations in the Face of Technical Innovation

Issue 19. Women and Tech in the Post-socialist Context: Intelligence, Creativity, Transgression

Issue 18. Digital Trauma in Eastern and Central Europe

Issue 17. Consumer Nationalism: Symbolic Economies of Prosumption

Issue 16. Patriotic (Non) Consumption: Food, Fashion and Media

Issue 15. The Rhetoric of the ‘New’: Post-Digital in Cultural Post-Contexts

Issue 14. Digital Orthodoxy: Mediating Post-Secularity in Russia

Issue 13. Digital Creativity in Times of Crisis: Bulgaria in the Global Context

Issue 12. Digital Mnemonics

Issue 11. Mediating Protest: Staging, Filming, Giving, Being

Issue 10. Digital Fandom and Media Convergence

Issue 9. Russian Protest Movement (R)e-Visited

Special Cluster: How Pussy Riot Rocked Russia and the World

Issue 8. Cinegames: Convergent Media and the Aesthetic Turn

Issue 7. Russian Elections and Digital Media

Special Cluster: Russian 2011-12 Elections and Digital Media

Issue 6. Digital Memoirs and Transmedial Practices

Issue 5. Transmedial Practices in Post-Communist Spaces

Issue 4. War, Conflict and Commemoration in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Issue 3. Between Big Brother and the Digital Utopia: e-Governance in Post-Totalitarian Space

Issue 2. From Comrades to Classmates: Social Networks on the Russian Internet

Issue 1. Virtual Power: Russian Politics and the Internet

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