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Issue 11

Mediating Protest: Staging, Filming, Giving, Being

iRhetoric in Russian: Performing the Self through Mobile Technology

The conference iRhetoric in Russian: Performing the Self through Mobile Technology focuses on the new networked ‘extensions of man’ (McLuhan 1964) and their consequences for the way we represent ourselves, …
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Changing ‘The Term’ of Engagement: Casting and Mobilizing Amateur Filmmakers in Recent Projects by Kostomarov, Rastorguev and Pivovarov

The Term [Srok, 2012-] is an online documentary film project by filmmakers Pavel Kostomarov, Aleksandr Rastorguev and former television news anchor Aleksei Pivovarov. This essay explores the evolution of the …
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Self-Portrait in the Digital Era

By  •  Issue 11

Yuri Leving’s essay surveys a genre of self-portrait in the history of European art as precursor for the modern phenomenon of the selfie. The author demonstrates that classical and digital …
Read More Russian Platform for Gift-Giving

This essay explores the practices of gift-giving on the Russian platform We understand giving as one of the strategies of the consumer society, which aims to sustain and fuel …
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Reflections on Climate Change and New Media in Russia: Challenges and Opportunities

This essay examines how social media (Twitter and LiveJournal blogging plat- forms) cover climate change issues in Russia. Russia is one of the largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters in the …
Read More A Review of the First Polish Hypertext Novel

This review concentrates on Sławomir Shuty’s hypertext novel Blok (2002), which is an excellent example of Polish internet culture. In most countries only a few isolated examples of hypertext fiction …
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The Media Battles of Ukraine’s EuroMaidan

In November 2013, mass protests broke out in Ukraine when President Yanukovych chose not to sign a planned Association Agreement with the European Union. Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) became …
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Editorial – Issue 11

By  •  Issue 11

The production of the new issue of Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media (Digital Icons) has been darkened by the conflict in Ukraine and the ensuing global …
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