ISSN 2043-7633

Issue 12

Digital Mnemonics

Forget Memory: Aleksei Naval’nyi’s LiveJournal and the Memory Discourse of the Protest Movement (2011-2012)

The article explores the online memory discourse of the Russian protest movement of 2011-2012 through an investigation of the LiveJournal blog of Aleksei Naval’nyi. Based on a combination of quantitative …
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The Arrest of Ratko Mladić Online: Tracing Memory Models across Digital Genres

This paper explores the digital rhetoric and historical comparisons triggered by a media and ‘memory event’ – the May 26, 2011 arrest of Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladić, a …
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The New Cold War on the Football Field: .ru vs .pl

Russian-Polish relations have had a tumultuous history. Since the advent of the so-called ‘New Cold War’ heralded by Vladimir Putin in his 2007 Munich speech, the two countries have ended …
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Scraping the Monumental: Stepan Bandera through the Lens of Quantitative Memory Studies

In this essay we use the example of Stepan Bandera to demonstrate the effectiveness of web-scraping methods as a tool to explore how people interact with memory content online. Using …
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Editorial – Issue 12

The issue was guest-edited by Alexander Etkind (European University Institute, Florence) and Dirk Uffelmann (University of Passau) in collaboration with the Digital Icons editorial team who prepared the book review …
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The Issue of Genre in Digital Memory: What Literary Studies Can Offer to Internet and Memory Culture Research

This paper addresses the differing impacts of interactive online genres on the construction of historical memories. It explores various communication genres of the internet (social media, blogs such as …
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