ISSN 2043-7633

Issue 10

Digital Fandom and Media Convergence

Fandom: An Exercise in Self-Reflexivity

Technology: Internet Country: Russia and the diaspora (Israel, Canada, Australia) Period: 2011-2013 Context: Media reception / consumption

Language of contribution: Russian

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On X-Factor Online

Technology: Television and Internet Country: Ukraine Period: 2010-2012 Context: Media production

Language of contribution: English

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Internet-Memes as a Factor Shaping Communities

At present fan communities actively take shape and abound on the Internet. These communities are not only devoted to characters and texts in traditional media, but also digital media creations. …
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Russian Amateur Critics Reviews

This essay examnes the changing role of the amateur critic, the film fan who expends great effort to offer routine critiques of viewed films. It analyses 455 user generated texts …
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Sex, Love and Family in Harry Potter Fan Fiction

The article examines Russian Harry Potter fan fiction as an anthropological source. The analysis focuses on fan fiction as a cultural practice, Russian online communities devoted to the continuation …
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Is There Room for the Fan?

This article considers the myriad ways in which the TV audience that has emerged in an age of media convergence is constructed across three discursive worlds in Russia: that of …
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Editorial – Issue 10

It is increasingly difficult to identify a fan, the media user who actively shares, re-produces  as a discrete category of media user in the age of digital …
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