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Sudha Rajagopalan

Sudha Rajagopalan is Senior Lecturer in East European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She has also been visiting professor at the University of Leiden’s inaugural MA programme in Russian and Eurasian Area Studies. Previously she worked as research affiliate in the Media Studies Programme in the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands). She was previously a member of the editorial committee of Digital Icons (since 2009), and is now on its steering committee. She has also worked as researcher in the International Institute for Social History (Amsterdam) and the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde (Leiden).
A historian and cultural studies scholar, Rajagopalan has researched and published on participatory practices within Russian digital media cultures. Her work on digital cultures can be found in major journals, including Digital Icons, Celebrity Studies, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Journalism Studies, European Journal of Cultural Studies and Transformative Works and Culture. A special edited volume on digital media and political publics, co-edited by Rajagopalan in Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, is forthcoming in 2020. Her publications in history include Indian Films in Soviet Cinemas: the Culture of Moviegoing after Stalin (Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 2009), a pioneering, ethnohistorical study of Soviet movie reception of Indian cinema. She is currently working on a book manuscript about Soviet material culture in the Global South.

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Ten Years of Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media: Statements on the Field

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