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Darya Radchenko

Daria A. Radchenko holds a Ph.D. in cultural studies (2005). She is an independent scholar and the author of more than 20 papers, some of which have been published in journals issued by the Russian Academy of Science and The Centre for Russian Folklore Studies. Most of her work is dedicated to the analysis of internet lore and methods of its collection and archiving: Internet Lore as the Act of Making Sense of Reality (2007); Buzz and Gossip Online (2011); Research Ethics in Studying Internet Folklore (2012); ‘One Happy Letter’: How Internet Folklore Spreads (2013); etc. She is also interested in the mechanics of the emergence and development of online subcultures.

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Internet-Memes as a Factor Shaping Communities

At present fan communities actively take shape and abound on the Internet. These communities are not only devoted to characters and texts in traditional media, but also digital media creations. …
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