The article explores how the heresy of the post-denominational community is presented in Russian LiveJournal. The definition of heresy and the rhetoric associated with it is determined by the so-called ‘opinion leader’: Vladimir Golyshev, who creates high quality ‘heretical content’ which is spread by other users within the LJ community. Golyshev’s heterodoxy is highly politicized; his desire to undermine the social and political authority of the ROC leads to the non-institutionalized spiritual interpretation of Christianity which is free from any external dogmas. Golyshev’s heresy is typical of post-secular society, where the line between politics and religion is blurred, and various religious ideas are mixed into a whimsical kaleidoscope of notions. Golyshev’s online heresy reflects the patchwork religiosity that exists in off-line Russian society; while, on the other hand, the simple language he uses is imposed by the specific demands of cyberspace. The post-denominational bloggers consider LJ a unique opportunity to discuss hot political issues and serious problems related to the ROC, and to express their religious views and identity as outcasts.

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