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Adi Kuntsman

Adi Kuntsman is Leverhulme research fellow at the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures, the University of Manchester. Her work bridges several fields: Russian and post-Soviet studies, new media studies and social anthropology. Kuntsman is the author of Figurations of Violence and Belonging: Queerness, Migranthood and Nationalism in Cyberspace and Beyond (Peter Lang, 2009) and the co-editor of Out of Place: Interrogating Silences in Queerness/Raciality (with Esperanza Miyake, Raw Nerve Books, 2008). Her research interests include affect and emotions; migration, diaspora and nationalism; queer politics; and digital media. Currently, Kuntsman is working on a new project on war, dehumanisation and digital media in Israel-Palestine.

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Online Memories, Digital Conflicts and the Cybertouch of War

By  •  Issue 4

This opening essay addresses the political and intellectual necessity that enabled me to assemble this special issue. Firstly, I argue for the need to examine the role of digital media …
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Reviews: books, digital films and animation, and computer games

This section contains interviews, comments, and reviews of books, digital films and animation, computer games, and relevant cultural and academic events, as well as any other forms of discussion of …
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