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Dmitry Golynko-Volfson

Dmitry Golynko-Volfson, is a poet, scholar in Visual Ethics and Biopolitics, and a literary and art critic based in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is also a scientific researcher at the Russian Institute of Arts History (St. Petersburg). He is a  contributing editor of the Moscow Art Magazine and a professor at the University of Film and Television Studies (St. Petersburg). In addition to numerous books of poetry, Golynko regularly publishes essays on contemporary literary processes and cultural phenomena. He is a CEC ArtsLink Fellow for 2009, a Central European University (Budapest) Fellow for 2010, and DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service (Berlin) Artist-in-Residence for 2010-2011. Golynko’s poems and essays have been translated into English, German, French, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Swedish, and Italian.

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‘This is your show!’ Mass Creative Practices in Transmedial Projects

In this article, I examine the role of mass creative, predominantly online practices in forming and maintaining transmedial projects in the realm of popular culture. Unlike other studies that explore …
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Social Networks in an Un-Networked Society

Global networks with English-language interfaces connect peers all over the world according to a platform of openness, cooperation, and, occasionally, pirated access to knowledge; yet, quite the opposite is the …
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