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Greg Simons

Greg Simons holds a doctoral degree from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for the thesis dealing with the changes of the Russian mass media system since 2000, and how journalists and mass media react to sensitive issues (such as terrorism and crises). His research interests are how journalists and mass media react to sensitive issues, such as terrorism and crises, and communicational aspects concerning the Russian Orthodox Church. He is currently employed at Crismart (Crisis Management Research and Training) in the Swedish National Defence College and at the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies (Uppsala University). In addition to this he also occasionally teaches PR at Turiba Business College in Riga. Dr Simons is also on the OSCE’s roster of experts.

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Editorial – Issue 14

Editorial – Issue 14

Orthodoxy in Russia

In October 2015, Runet heatedly discussed the leak of information about the (failed) attempt of the Russian Ministry of Communications to cut the country off from the …
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