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Irina Kotkina

Irina Kotkina holds PhD from European University Institute (Florence) in History and also Candidate of Cultural Studies degree (PhD equivalent) from Russian State University for Humanities in Moscow. She is employed as project researcher at Sodertorn University in Sweden. Her current project is called “The Vision of Eurasia: Eurasianist Influences on Politics, Culture and Ideology in Russia Today”.  Dr. Kotkina is studying cultural politics and all aspects of Russian culture. She publishes broadly on Russia’s cultural policy, opera and theatre. She is particularly interested in the Bolshoi Theater opera history in the XX century and among her recent peer-reviewed publications are articles on Medvedev’s modernization and the Bolshoi Theater, Stalinist Bolshoi Theater and the search for the model Soviet opera, and building of national operatic traditions in the Soviet republics under Stalin.

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‘Ortho-Blogging’ from Inside: A Virtual Roundtable

This paper presents a ‘virtual roundtable’, compiled from the written interviews with blogging Orthodox priests and religious activists. They relate their experiences and reflections on digitalization of the Orthodox religion, …
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