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Liliya Yaschenko

Lilya Yaschenko studied Russian language and literature at the University of Voronezh; and she also finished a degree course at the Voronezh State Academy of Arts (Drama Department). Since 1996, she has worked as a performer and journalist in Moscow. She has been a freelance journalist for Izvestiya newspaper as well as magazines such as ’Health’, ’Nanny’, ’My Child’, and many others. Since 1997 she has worked as editor in ’Fotomagazin’, ’Technoguide’, ’Good Advice’, Burda, and as the editor-in-chief of ’Accessories: the World of Bags’. At the moment, she is the editor of ’Together We are a Thousand ”I”s’, which is a newspaper supported by the Department of Education of the Moscow City Administration and targets children and youth audiences. Liliya Yaschenko is also the author and performer of songs, some of which have appeared in Sergei Lialin’s 2009 film The History of Love, or The New Year’s Spoof.

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From the Typewriter to the Computer

Technology: Computer Country: Russian Federation Period: 1990s Context: Journalism

Language of contribution: Russian

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