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Lutz Kaelber

Lutz Kaelber is a sociologist at the University of Vermont, USA, who specialises in comparative historical sociology. He is the author of Schools of Asceticism: Ideology and Organisation in Medieval Religious Communities (1998), the translator of Max Weber’s History of Commercial Partnerships in the Middle Ages (2003), and co-editor of The Protestant Ethic Turns 100: Essays on the Centenary of the Weber Thesis (2005). His current research is on commemorative practices at sites of ‘Euthanasia’ crimes in Nazi Germany, with a focus on the ‘special children’s wards’ (Kinderfachabteilungen).

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Virtual Traumascapes: The Commemoration of Nazi ‘Children’s Euthanasia’ Online and On Site

By  •  Issue 4

An integral part of the German National Socialist ‘bio-political developmental dictatorship’ programme (Schmuhl 2008), ‘euthanasia’ involved the murder of over 300,000 physically or mentally disabled persons in National Socialist Germany …
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