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Natalya Kamenetskaya

Natalia Kamenetskaya is a Moscow-based artist, who has participated in exhibitions of contemporary art since 1986. Since 1990 she has also worked as a curator. In the 1990s she produced women and gender projects Sign of/for the Times art programme (1993-2000), Apocalypse(1995), Egalitarianism (2005), Katoptron: the Direction of the Mirror’s Gaze (2007),Vulnerability (2009), ZEN d’Art: The History of Gender and Art in Post-Soviet Space(with O. Sarkisian), Anthropologizing the Future (2011), Women’s Nano (2011) (with A Broshe and M. Naimushina), and many other projects. In 1994-7, she was a lecturer in the Department of History and Theory of Culture of the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow), and in 1997-2011 she was a researcher in the Centre for the Information Education Projects at the same university, where she currently works in the Department of Gender Studies. Since 2009 she has been the head of the gender project of the International Association of Artists: National Artists Union, Russia.

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Digital Saint Sebastian

Technology: Computer Country: Russian Federation Period: 1990s Context: Art

Language of contribution: Russian

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