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Yuri Misnikov

Yuri Misnikov is an e-governance practitioner and researcher, with a special interest in the social impact of new digital media, viewed from a citizen-centric perspective. He obtained his PhD in Media and Communications from the Institute of Communications Studies (ICS) of the University of Leeds, UK. He is a member of the Centre for Digital Citizenship at the ICS. In the past, Misnikov has held a number of managerial and professional positions with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). He serves as a member of the Supervisory Board of the e-Governance Academy in Tallinn, Estonia, and of the Advisory Council of the Ukrainian e-Governance Centre in Kiev. He has authored and coordinated several publications on a broad range of issues concerning information society, e-governance and participation.

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Online Public Discussions among Russian Ordinary Citizens (Beyond Political Mobilisation)

By  •  Issue 7

Online debates among ordinary people discussing current affairs are typically viewed through the lens of political mobilisation and dismissed on various grounds – due to their unintelligibility, incivility, lack of …
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